Boil Order Guidelines
Guidelines for Residential Water Use During a Boil Order Notice:

During a boil water order, residential users of affected public water supplies should take the following measures to protect themselves from consuming potentially contaminated water:

1. Bottle water should be used for drinking, cooking, washing fresh fruits/vegetables, hand washing and tooth brushing.
2. The affected tap water should be used for these purposes only after it has been brought to a rolling boil for 5 (five) minutes.
3. The affected tap water may be used for washing dishes if a dishwashing machine is used. If dishes are hand washed, boiled or bottle water should be used. The affected tap water may be used if the clean dishes are immersed for at least one minute in a sink of water to which a full tablespoon of regular household bleach has been added.
4. The affected tap water may be used for bathing and/or showering.
5. The affected tap water may be used for household cleaning.

NOTE: If the tap water is cloudy and/or contains particles, bottled water should be used.

After the boil water order is lifted or water service resumes, these precautionary measures should be followed.
1. Flush the building's water lines and clean faucet screens.
2. Purge the water-using fixtures and appliances of standing water and ice, such as refrigerator ice makers or coffee makers.
*Information obtained from Madison County Health Dept. Madison County Health Department

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